Sándor Geotechnics Ltd.
Erzsébet street 11 H-2049 Diósd, Hungary

MSc engineering geologist


GT design & SZÉS8 expert in Geotechnics

Identification number at Hungarian Chamber of Engineers is: 13-13413



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            office & post address:       Erzsébet str. 11. H-2049 Diósd, Hungary

            mobile (viber):                   +36-20-332-4061

            email:                                   sandorcsaba.sns@gmail.com

            web:                                      www.sandorgeotechnika.hu

            skype:                                   sandor.csaba.sns


            Company registration number:             13-09-170150

            Tax number:                                               24927088-2-13

            EU tax number:                                         HU 24927088

            bank account number:                             12020005-01441098-00100000  -- Raiffeisen Bank Co.
            IBAN:                                                           HU93-12020005-01441098-00100000


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